Exquisite Sedona Soul Portraits and Paintings for Women, Men, Children, and Animals

Why get a Sedona Soul Portrait? Because you are seeking to know more about your true self—your Soul Essence.

Imagine the powerful effect of seeing an accurate and visually stunning full-color portrait of your Soul!

Your Soul Portrait will vividly portray for you vital, essential knowledge about yourself, knowledge that, until now, you may have only glimpsed.

Your Soul Portrait will empower you to discover your inner essence. It will clarify for you your life mission and give strength to your life’s purpose.

Your Soul Portrait will illuminate your hidden gifts and talents – the gifts you have earned and are meant to share with others.

In summary, your Soul Portrait will connect you directly to The Higher Consciousness.

A letter from a customer

"From the moment I met Wendy, I knew that we instantly connected. There was just something really special about her aura that made me feel very comfortable around her. After sharing my experiences in Sedona, I had learned that she would be going on vacation in a few days, but she assured me my painting would be done before her departure. When the day finally came to meet with her again, I was brimming with anticipation as she unveiled my unique soul portrait. I was simply blown away from all aspects of it. As she began explaining every feature and its significance, everything resonated at my soul's core.

I am unimaginably amazed with Wendy's work and I know that the personal masterpiece she has created will be a daily reminder for me to stay on a righteous path to nourish my soul's purpose. Much mahalos Wendy for everything and for just being the person that you are. Your are a truly gifted individual with amazing talents."

All the best, Mike


Soul Portraits - Part One

Soul Portraits - Part Two


Sedona Soul Seer, Wendybyrd Smith