Wendybyrd Smith, Sedona painter
Sedona Portraits for women, men and children

About Sedona Soul Painter WendyByrd Smith

Sedona spiritual artist, Wendybyrd Smith


Wendybyrd lives outside of beautiful Sedona, Arizona, in a lush green belt along Oak Creek river. She is a passionate organic gardener, dedicated to her husband, Scott, their two dogs, and a tribe of feral cats. Wendy’s also passionate about mentoring other artists and inspiring them to let go.

Inspiration comes to her through star gazing, mountain climbing, and prospecting for rare gems and gold. For relaxation, she loves to browse through antique shops and flea markets, looking for treasures. You can also find her in any good book store, drinking espresso, and reading southwest mystery novels.




Sedona Soul Seer, Wendybyrd Smith